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Sega Blast City

Catégorie:Borne d'Arcade
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Nom Original:Sega Blast City
Catégorie:Borne d'Arcade
Dimensions:H1643 x W760 x D939 mm
Connectique:Model 3 / JVS
Ecran:CRT 29'' in 15/24/31 kHz (Nanao MS2930 or Nanao MS2931)
Rotatif: Y
Poids:101 kg
Puissance:143 W
Notes: Please note there is no rotate mechanism.
The Blast City debuted in 1996 at the same time as Virtua Fighter 3, and was designed as the successor to the New Astro City. To take advantage of Sega's Model 3 technology, the Blast City was the first Sega generic cabinet to support a high resolution monitor at 31 KHz. Despite the 31 KHz monitor, ultimately only 24 KHz games were developed for Model 3, until the arrival of NAOMI. The monitor size did not change from the 29-inch monitors found in previous cabinets, but the screen is flatter. A JVS to Jamma harness is required to make the cab Jamma compatible.
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